Transmotor Marine battery charger





Transmotor marine battery charger TBC 110 .. 400 


Heavy duty marine battery chargers for 24V systems.

  • Tekmatronik battery chargers are developed especially for use in the marine sector, where demands for quality and reliability are of vital importance.

  • 100% charging current at temperatures up till 65C

  • 100% constant chargevoltage from 0 - 100% load extends the lifetime of the batteries.

  • Consequently the battery chargers are constructed to secure the batteries 100% charging and optimum working life, even during extreme conditions.


We can offer prompt delivery of special designs and larger models.

We do normally stock the following models.:

24V / 10Amp 1phase, 24V / 30Amp 1 phase, 24V / 60Amp 1 phase and 24V / 100Amp 3 phase.



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